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 I am a Czech grandmaster born in 1985. I have written the book My Chess World (Thinkers Publishing, 2020), containing my games, essays and observations. I am also a co-author of the book The Secret Ingredient (Quality Chess, 2021), which has been written mostly by a Slovak GM Ján Markoš. Currently I should be working on another book for Thinkers Publishing, but I am playing too much chess instead, both over the board and online.

 I not playing much from this account now, as I do not want to reveal my preparation for OTB events. Nowadays I only play from here from time to time to show that I am alive and in order. I almost never play long strings of games here, mostly just a few games to get into shape. I am mostly playing some nonsense here, but sometimes it is high-quality nonsense!

This is the nicest mate which I have ever delivered on FormerProdigy vs. Mikhail_Bryakin | Analysis -

And here are a few other nice games:

Chess: penguingm1 vs FormerProdigy - 57906012877 -

Chess: FormerProdigy vs nissou-ach - 61614647447 -

 I am a big fan of Chess960 as well, but mostly play it elsewhere. I would be glad to play some blitz Chess960 games against other GMs from time to time.

 Please forgive me for rejecting or even blocking friendship requests. It is nothing personal, I am just not a big fan of social media and would find it strange to have hundreds of internet friends whom I don't really know, when I often lack time to meet my long-time friends in person. I also often disable messages here to concentrate on other things, typically on my OTB tournaments. That said, I generally like other people (like you)!

Thank you for your understanding!