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"You fool. You absolute buffoon. You muffinhead. You potatobrain. Do you REALIZE what you have done? Babushka've just been utterly and absolutely bamboozled by the absolute mastery that is this me executing this play. You thought you had even a smudge of a chance, but bulldog never have. You've been running circles around me the whole time. Bow down to TGM OP, peasant. For you have just been underplayed in every single way imaginable.

Going to be very inactive on weekdays but very active on weekends until school breaks

Other accounts: Lichess(Dragons23), ICC(Dragons23), Twitch(kWwWai kinda weird ngl but ok)

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@Komodo4 +4 (14 wins) has been adopted by me

Failed to adopt Komodo7

@happy0natsu has failed to adopt me(thrice), @Sep-Gol also failed

adopted by @rychessmaster1, @NobleElevator(10 secs, and in my defense I was on trackpad and my hand coordination was off that day tongue.png), @PeasantElevator(theres too many elevators ngl)

I play in NSPBuCL and will probably play in NSPCL and NSPBCL the coming seasons. I played as a short-term sub in CSL as well.

things to know about me: 

i like TOS and MM

and if you read any more, ur a stalker

O hereby proclaim that you are dum dum

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