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I am from Kyiv (Ukraine), born in 1976.

Experienced club player, coach and organizer.

Candidate Master of the former USSR (1990).

FIDE Arena Grandmaster (2019).

Expert in Fischer Random-960, participant of World Championship-2019 (Titled Qualifier)

Superadmin of Team Ukraine, three-time winner of Live Chess World League


As a coach I work face to face with children U12.

I am also available for online lessons with Skype (English, Ukrainian, Russian).

Here on I do coaching for adults U1800 level eager to improve their skills in blitz and to increase rating.

I know how to reach that based on my own experience of >50 000 online games played with upgrading rating from 2100 to 2500! wink.png


Chess Team Ukraine TV Youtube

Team Ukraine Facebook Page




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