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Hey folks, my Name is Alex and I am a 19 year old amateur chess player from Helsinki. I turned 19 years on May 17, 2020.  My new year resolution is to improve my live ratings by 600 rating points and become a Class A level player by year end. Trying to cut my daily games so I can focus more on club tournaments. 
I love to play Soccer, Chess, partying with friends and my gym workouts. I don't play but love to watch volleyball. I played central midfielder and striker postions for my high school soccer team and I can do some impressive kickups and headups. You can check my football skills here
You can join our club if you like to play daily club match or vote chess. Here we hangout and can talk about anything. 
You can invite my private clubs for a daily match but please do not try to join!! happy.png 

Next time you visit a swimming pool take a football with you for practice -))

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