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About Me:

I am a chess player ... i am a Chess lover. I am eager to learn all styles of Chess games. I love to play 10 to 15 minutes chess games. I am a sports teacher by profession. Foot ball is my favorite game. I am also a web developer.

I believe (in Chess & Life):

01-Even a POOR plan is better than NO plan at all. - Mikhail Chigorin

02-Chess is the Art of Analysis. - Botvinnik

03-The TACTICIAN knows what to do when there is something to do;
whereas the STRATEGIAN knows what to do when there is nothing to do. - Gerald Abrahams

Some Interesting Chess Facts:

01-The second book ever printed in the English language was about chess!

02-In 1999, chess Grandmaster Garry Kasparov played The World in a game of chess that lasted over four months. Over 50,000 people from more than 75 countries participated in the game with moves being decided by majority vote. Garry ended up winning on turn 62 when 51% of The World decided to resign.

03-The chess master to have won the World Championship in all three formats (knockout, tournament and match) is Vishwanathan Anand from India.

04-Judit Polgar, a female chess player who defeated Kasparov, Karpov, and Spassky, was part of an experiment by her father to prove chess genius is made, not born.

05-The first chess game between space and earth was in June, 1970 by the Soyez-9 crew. Though the game ended in draw, it sure did make headlines.

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