Check this club out and join please. I would be elated if you did

Some amazing people. 

@legionchess5 - My brother and great person

@EliM19 - My best friend on She is a friend from primary school. Ur a great person Eli.

@Darkstalker23 - A person from my high school. He's okay and is annoying sometimes. He loves anime. 

@Wonderful-whale - A person from my primary school. He's much better than me in rapid and blitz lol. Don't know about bullet though.

@Wolfy4444 - He's a person from my primary school and is also currently in my high school. He's a good player and we play often. 

@HermanoMenor31 - I don't know her IRL but she is a nice person on She occasionally annoys me and ships me with Eli but other than that she is an amazing person. 

If I forgot you plz tell me and I will add you 

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