Hello I am Llorenç Boldú and I was born in Barcelona the 13/4/62. So I am exactly 1 year older than Kasparov. My father taught me the game at 6 years but soon I win him and he didn't want to play more. So I didn't had anybody to play with until 14, when they started a chess workshop at school. Our teacher decided to play school tournaments and we had a good team because we won many. I was board 1. In the last year of school the team Vulca (several times catalan and spanish champion) invited us to play in their club in the E team. This lasted only one year because we had to go to university and the team disolved. I didn't play more since 1979 until 2010. 31 years!! without playing chess but in 2010 I got sick and had to leave working so I was quite bored staying at home. In YT I saw some chess games and I remembered how much I enjoyed in my younghood to play those tournaments and following masters games. I liked Morphy and Fischer style. Still now my two favourite chess books are My 60 memorables games written by Fischer himself and Schillers Learn from Bobby Fischers greatest games. So like I had a lot of free time I decided to play online. The first site I don't remember but in 2011 I discovered with the fantastic interface and decided to join. Also I met very nice people like members Terminuso, Count of Montecristo between others including staff members like IM Danny Rensch and Kohai. I also joined the chess club Barcelona UGA to play OTB and I played two years but once I went to a tournament that was too strong for me and I scored only 1 point in 9 rounds. This upset me so much that I said to myself chess is not for me. I left the club at the end of 2013 and stopped connecting me with in the summer of 2014. Last year, 2018, I begin to follow chess games in my mobile because I downloaded the app of The Chess Network and finally I decided to play online again, still my account (member Diogens) was opened. I really sucked I was too sloe (I am 56) and I bought CT ART 6, that I think is the best software in the market, and puzzled in Chesstempo in blitz mode to get faster. I was training to start OTB in 2019 and I joined EDAMI (the school of GM Miguel Illescas) and now in January I started to play OTB for EDAMI although I think I need a personal coach to help me prepare my games OTB. I also have in mind to open a blog and post my games like for eg. WCM Martha Kuhner does. And that is my chess story sadly more Off The Board than OTB. But I'll do the best that I can and wont quit this time.

And this the last dance with my late mother in an iranian resto.

And my dear uncle Bijan Zabih with his very cute daughter Sara Zabeeh

My hypersensitive cousin Farinaz and her husband, Ali

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