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My Best Games Against Titled Players

Win against an FM:

Win against an NM:

Win against a CM: 

Draw against an FM: 

Draw against an NM:

Weirdest Games

Bughouse: My partner blundered a queen so this happened.

Atomic: I did not know that this could happen, neither did my opponent. Analysis says there's mate but neither of us knew what to do in this situation so we drew.

Worst Game:

Blundering one piece after another...

Best Game:

ALL BEST MOVES! (99.6 accuracy within 15 moves because I was lucky enough to have studied the 10-move combo just a couple days before after falling for this trap 3 TIMES IN A WEEK in daily chess, good thing it came to use!) Beta 4 925 пользователей
Untitled Tuesday 2 364 пользователя
Canada Chess Youth Club CCYC 510 пользователей
The Canadian Team 939 пользователей
CHESSBRAHS 20 371 пользователь