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Scotty (Nuclear Engineer 2.5 yrs) BS, BTh, MWPS, MTh, OM.   Servant of Jesus Christ, Eagle Scout, Christian Counselor, Retired District Commissioner (BSA), Gunsmith, Wood Scientist, Aikido & Kenpo Instructor.  I am a Professional Student.  I like almost all scientific/engineering fields:  Wood Science, Materials, Chemistry, Physics, Botany, Forestry, Medicine, and humanities especially Theology, Sociology, Physical and Cultural Anthropology, Psychology, History (especially Military and Religion). Also I have studied and researched many major Martial Arts, especially Aikido/Aki_Jutsu/JoJutsu/Sword arts, (Katana-Iaido/Fencing), Kenpo, and a bit of most major art styles.  I taught Scottish Snare Drumming for 17 years.  I am a Gunsmith, Gun Collector,and shooting instructor.

I am a '58 model.


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