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Limmen, Нидерланды
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11 сент. 2007 г.
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Hi, my name is Bert.

I am 25, in the last year of my study, after which I will be a mathematics teacher at high school. Unfortunately that does take a lot of my leisure time, so please challenge me; but with a time control of 3-7 days!

Chess results
Although I've been playing over 11 years here at Chess.com, over the board I wasn't really serious back then. Since 2010 I have played in many tournaments, all in the Netherlands. Good results include winning group 11 of the IJmond three-round event 2011 (TPR 1425), shared 4th in the Dutch Open 2011 (6-rnd-event, TPR 1707), shared 2nd in the Dutch Open 2012 (6-rnd-event), first in the Dutch Open 2014 (6-rnd-event, TPR 1843), and shared first in the Dutch Open 2017 (6-rnd-event, TPR 1835)!
In 2015-2016-2019, I won my amateur three-round event group 7 (TPR 1790) and 6 (TPR 1959) and shared first in group 4 (TPR 1844) at TATA Steel Chess in Wijk aan Zee. And finally, I became champion at my local chess club in 2015 and 2018, a huge achievement!

After many drops from 2010 on, I've gradually grown my OTB-rating (Dutch KNSB) to just above 1800 in 2018. That would correspond with about 1850-1900 FIDE. 

Good luck, and play fair!

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