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Hey everyone, welcome to my profile! I am a young Top BloggerYoutuber, and Streamer. I am a National Master, and I'm looking to become a GM sometime in the near future! I've been playing for 5-6 years. I am accepting all friend requests and 3+ days per move daily chess challenges, so feel free to send me one! happy.png Also, please don't send me club or league invites!

My Blog

I try to post articles once a week, and they will mostly be interesting topics regarding games, openings, strategy, endgames and anything that you guys want! Feel free to let me know if there's something you'd like to see in my blog!

My Youtube Channel

I try to post videos at least once a week, sometimes 2-3x per week. I play blitz, solve puzzles, analyze games, and more!

My Twitch Channel

I am planning on resuming streaming in a month or two. Stay tuned!


Official Fan Club tongue.png

Chess Improvement Center: A club where we aim to improve and learn from others, would highly recommend joining this one! thumbup.png

Energetic Chess: A fun and energetic club to play chess! happy.png


All suggestions are welcome! Send me a private message or comment down in the notes to let me know what you would like to see in my blogs, videos, or streams! happy.png


Going to start streaming more and setting up viewer arenas/time to play any live challenges you might want. This could be blitz, bullet, puzzle battles, etc. 

Rising Puzzles Rating: (All time high! 2809, #3919 on chess.com)

Thanks for reading my profile! happy.png

(PS. Go and congratulate @rychessmaster1 for getting his NM title!)

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