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I'm here mainly to improve my chess, so my first priority is to play slow games, especially 90|30. Therefore, finding some friends with similar strength and interest would be great. Also, when playing Bullet and Blitz, whether I win or lose a game, I generally don't play a rematch, because many times, it involves some kind of revenge and personal conflict which I don't like at all:)

And about my Fide rating: In my first OTB tourney I gained the rating of 1712, but after the second one, by beating players of around 2000 and 2100, my rating jumped to 1900. And after participation in a tournament in Canada, now my CfC rating is 2095 and my Fide rating is be 2002.

Update: After my fourth OTB tournament (BC OPEN 2017), my CFC rating is now 2130. This time my performance rating was 2176.

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