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Some of people find me annoying but if u dont, please consider send me a friend request =)

I am not a demon. Seriously. I am a human lol




A Twitch Streamer!

Hello! You can call me Friendly (cuz everyone calls me that). So I’m still a noob in chess. But good in Minecraft Speedrun POG (I once get my name on the leaderboard in My discord is DemonInnit#7374 (hope it’s right lol). So I don’t have much friend here on Yeah. I have no chess partner (if u can pwease fwend me(lol jk)). Oh and if you’re reading this and wanna advertise your club or something else, you can but there’s 22.22% chance that I’ll join your club. Sorry for that. And I don’t read messages. So if you wanna message me, use chat or send DM on discord. I often read chats and discord DMs. I’m 14. A young lil’ boy. Hobby is reading and cycling and playing chess and watching twitch streams and watching youtube and playing with my cat and minecraft speedrunner and playing and- Ok. I’ll stop.

I hate writing this bio. Bye


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