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Hello there! happy.png 

Welcome to my profile!

I am a person. YUH

Please leave me a note if you want to friend me

Also, please friend me on aops.

My chesskid username is Heavytoothpaste, but someone stole my username, @Heavytoothpaste  D:< 

Here are some of my goals I would like to achieve

Puzzles - 2500

Blitz - 1650

Rapid - 1600

Bullet - 1400

3 Minute Puzzle rush - 30

5 minute puzzle rush - 40

Survival puzzle rush - 50

I am a person (DUH)

I like to play chess

Please join my club here

I also like math, piano, swimming, and a lot more. I made national MATHCOUNTS in 2020, but couldn't go because coronavirus. If you do aops, please leave me a note and tell me your username. My username on aops is Heavytoothpaste. Here is my aops profile and please visit my blog on aops here. I like to read a lot

I also like memes a lot. 

I like listening to music a lot

Here are some songs you might like:

Thanks for reading!

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