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"Think you're better than me? Update a challenge and you'll be killed".- Dragona[killer]. "All that glistens is not gold as you often have been told now go and don't make a bigger fool of yourself".-Ehhhhh[sorry lag].  "Whatever you are, be a good one".-Abraham Lincoln  "There's more to life than being a passenger". -Amelia Earhart.  In chesspersonality.com I am an anaconda,

Anacondas may seem peaceful on the exterior, but the Anaconda is always preparing something menacing - a deep positional squeeze, typical of the big snake. Anacondas usually reject obvious and direct play and instead prefer to build up positional pressure. They tend to be very attached to their ideas, almost to the point of seeming like the result of the game is secondary. But don't be fooled: once an Anaconda has you in his grip, you will be very lucky to escape.

Aaron Nimzowitsch is an Anaconda

Aaron NimzowitschAron Nimzowitsch (1886-1935) was one of the best players never to become world champion and was among the leading players in the world for several decades. His legacy, however, is mostly as a theoretician of chess strategy. In his writing (which is still very influential today) he laid out his "system" of chess strategy which emphasizes preventing your opponent's plans through such concepts as the blockade, overprotection, and prophylaxis. In his play, he showed his "Anaconda" style - positional, indirect aggression, which seeks to further his plans by preventing those of his opponent.

I am awsome in Narwhale.io, my name in Narwhale.io is Dragona[killer] , Ehhh (sry lag) or Deku. I also love surviv.io my name there is ix fan. My highest number of kills in surviv.io is 24.

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