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Below is my twitch link:

here are my youtube links as well

also i am a CM just sayingtongue.pngtongue.pngtongue.png

ok i finally got around to updating my profile.... i am a 11 year old chess player who has received the CM title.  

My OTB rating is 2000. I have lots of awards as well. Some of them include :

3rd in North American Youth Chess Championship

2x 2nd in my grade level nationals 

2x grade level state champion

Expert State Champion ( Expert is players from 2000 to 2200 range rating.)

2x state representative for matches vs other states

I am also free for coaching. DM me if you want coaching. My lessons are 1hr per lesson, and I charge 15 dollars per session. DM me  if you're interested.

My best game would probably be split between 2 games. Both games were in classical OTB tournaments. 1 of them was a very nice game against a 2250 WGM, and the other one was a win against 2400 FM Nick Raptis

 i would say my best tournament would be my tournament in the north american youth chess championship where i placed 3rd and recieved my CM title.i have also placed 2nd in the U.S. nationals for my grade many times. i love playing this game and will continue to play. I also enjoy dancing and sports!  

My children: @funmath, @angryspacevoid, and @shreshthseth2010. let me know if you wanna play an adoption match!

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