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I am a 15-year-old talented player from Poland. I love chess and hope to be a GM someday.

My greatest successes aretournaments.pngtrophies.png:

-5 times 1st place in the International Championships

-1 time 1st place in the Polish Championships.

Best rankings:

blitz.pngBlitz: 2471

bullet.pngBullet: 2601

daily.pngDaily: 2268

tactics.pngPuzzle: 3322

Puzzle Battle: 2561

Puzzle Rush:

3 minutes: 41

5 minutes: 46

Survival: 60

Puzzle Battle: 46 (on my smartphone)

130k points in July

2nd place in September

My fide profil :

My YouTube channel:

My Twitch channel:

Join my favourite clubs and learn sth.:

And 1 task for youwink.png ( mate in 2 moves!)

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