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Hi Everyone!

My name is Kevin Gibson, I am a National Master from London, Ontario, Canada. 

I have been playing chess for roughly 20 years. I learned the moves by myself on a rainy day at the cottage when I was 8. I made a chess board and pieces out of paper and colored them with markers, then challenged my dad to some games. I fell in love with the game and continue to enjoy it! 

A few chess highlights: 

In 2003, I placed 3rd in the U10 Boys Division at the Canadian Youth Chess Championship and had the privilege to participate in the World Youth Chess Championship in Halkidiki, Greece. At this event I ended up playing future world top-10 Wesley So!

In 2010, I earned my National Master title as part of the Chess Federation of Canada by achieving a rating of 2200 and maintaining it for a minimum of 25 rated tournament games. 

Between the years 2010-2020, I won the London City Chess Championship 8 times. I also won the 2023 London Active Championship, my first over-the board tournament in 3 and a half years! 

Nowadays, I'm not nearly as active in the tournament chess scene but still enjoy playing online. I especially enjoy playing online correspondence games.  If you would like to play me a game, send me an unrated 3-day/move challenge! 

I also teach private and group chess classes to students of all ages and skill levels. If you are interested in lessons, feel free to email me at (Lessons are $50 CAD/hr.). 

My other main interest is music! I graduated with a Masters degree in music from the University of Western Ontario in 2018, and currently teach piano privately, as well as perform and compose on the side. Recently, my wife and I published a book on improvisation at the piano. Feel free to check out my website for more information!

My other interests include spending time up at the cottage as well as playing tennis during the summer. I am also a huge darts fanatic!  


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