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Hi everyone! I started learning chess when I was a kid, and I have recently come back to it as an adult. I'm not a good player, but I still enjoy playing it anyway. If I win, that's great, but I take each loss as a learning experience - even if it is as something simple as "Watch where you put your Queen! bq.pngwq.png". I've learned that lesson a few times, and I'd like to think I won't need to again, but knowing me I probably will.

I'm more into Daily games, they give me a chance to think and I hardly ever play live chess (too quick for me) so if you want to challenge me to a daily game send me a challenge! ( I accept anything from a 5 day game right up to a 14 day game and I am not worried if you are a beginnerbp.png, grandmaster bk.pngor somewhere in between) happy.png 

I'll look forward to playing you! 


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