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"You can’t lose what you don’t put in the middle. But you can’t win much either." - Mike McDermott

Hello chess.com community i am a 17 year old Content Creator known as @BlitzWizard94 online in platforms like Youtube and Twitch. Here are some of my most notable achievements currently

- K12 National Blitz Champion (2022)

- Peaked 2551 Blitz and 2586 Bullet

- Cross 1900 OTB (December 2022)

- Cross 2000 OTB (January 2022)

- top 100 Lichess Classical Rankings (6/1/23)

- Draw GM julio Becerra OTB, 8 time Florida champion & Legend

Greatest OTB Accomplishments

- Drawing IM Yunier Leyva and ending 3.5/4 to achieve a CM norm

- winning a club tournament OPEN for the first time (New Years OPEN)

- Drawing Pedro Rodriguez (1st IM i've drawn in real classical chess 90+30 format)

- Beat IM Yunier in Blitz 6/30/23 for the first time in many years since we met in 2019

- surpass the 2000 barrier being peaked at 2041 since the New Years OPEN

- Beaten CM, FM, NM, & IM's in OTB tournaments regardless of time format

- Have a Blitz USCF Peak rating of 2159 as of 6/30/23

Draw GM Julio Becerra 8/4/23 (Best Accomplishment)

My Favorite Opening is the Larsen Attack with white and the Caro Kann with Black and currently love also being a Nimzo player against D4 or other similar setups. Favorite chess player is either Hikaru Nakamura or Magnus Carlsen but also like Ding Liren & Fabiano Caruana as well. I strongly believe in the idea that anybody despite all odds can become a National Master and will go to any lengths to try and fulfill that American Dream of mine

Best Game - Drawing 8 time Florida Champion GM Julio Becerra

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Join https://www.chess.com/club/kowarenai-champions for more wizardry chess!


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