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I was born and lived in Slavyansk 22years old.

Formwork engineer.
2008-2010. The leading engineer of department on statics (consultations and checks of all technical decisions of department). Working out of formwork drawings. Consultation of the clients. Projects support. Working out of tender offers for some large building objects, such as terminals of the airports in Borispol, Olympiyskiy Stadium (Kiev) and stadium in Lvov. The head of Lvov Stadium project (working out of drawings, consultations on project for designer company AzovGiproMez and for general contractor AzovIntex, including on-site consultations). Design Engineer. 3D model developing, preliminary projects, design the full package of drawings for production and assembly. Calculation of loadings, preparation of documents for reconciliation with City Architectural Bureau of Kyiv (Kyivproekt) or other architectural bureaus.

2010-... . Work in Moscow. Technical Director of the formworkcompany.

Hobby: Chess(I play in chess almost 20 years, cms, ELO(national) 2163), football, internet, philosophy, psychology, history.

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