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My online USCF rating is 1227, but I haven't been able to play an OTB tournament so my OTB rating is low.

I took the quiz!

Adopted: @Ring-tailed_lemur (2x) @Komodo1

Adopted by: @LightningChess21

I have played in the NSPBCL, for the Chessical PROdigies. We had a good start, getting 4.5 out of 6, only losing and drawing the second and third place winners. We made it to the quarterfinals, where we were taken out by the team that took first. All in all, we had a great season, and I'll hopefully be playing for them again next time! Currently I am playing for the Electrocuting Vortexes in Competitive Stars League, and we just made it to the playoffs! We have had a lot of people playing for us in the last few weeks, but here is our current roster:






We made it to the playoffs, barely winning the last week, but now we are back with a stronger roster and ready to win it all! Sadly, we went out in the quarterfinals, losing to team admins. Hopefully in the next league I'll be able to break my streak of going out in the quarterfinals!

I also captained the Chessical PROdigies in the Not-So Pro Fog Of War Chess League. We ended up winning the season! Here is our trophy: php1KBOdf.png

Next I will be playing in the Not-So Pro Chess League, captaining the Chessical Destroyers. (Oops, forgot to mention Not-So Pro Bullet Chess League, probably because I'm terrible at bullet lol) By the way, I'm SUPER SUS. Goals for 2021: Get all ratings to 2000. Get USCF online blitz 1700, USCF online quick 1500, USCF online regular play a tournament lol.

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