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I have been recently shortening my profile. Click this link (not a rickroll I promise) to see my full profile, including adoption logs, things about me, quotes, etc. Please read it before sending me a message!

Here is my league history (to read other things like adoption logs click the link above):

In the Not-So Pro Blitz Chess League, I played with Chess Family Team 2 in Seasons 2 and 3. In Season 2, we played very well, eventually getting the 3rd Place Trophy. Thank you for everyone who played!


Chess Family V2.0 phpxw2uxv.png


I also played for Chess Family Team 2 in NSPBCL Season 3, but that season we did not fare as well as the first, getting eliminated quickly.


In the next NSPBCL Season, Season 4, I decided to move on from Chess Family. I ended up playing for Checkmatin’ Masters Team 2, where I was co-captain. We had a very strong team, and eventually was eliminated in the Round of 16 because one of our players forfeited.


Now let’s talk about The Raburn Series Premier League. In the Third Season, I played for the team RAR Attackers. We had the strongest team, with many masters, and ended up getting 1st place! That was a great experience and I had a lot of fun.


 In Season 4, I played for the BongyBongoBongclouders, a team that purposely was one of the worst for training purposes. While we didn’t win, our strategy was to let lower rated players play against very strong players and masters for training, and it worked out! I got to play many masters in the league.


In the Not-So Pro Chess League(Rapid) I am currently playing for The Elevated Elevators, a team that was named after me. I'm not actually the founder of that team.


Now let’s talk about the Not-So Pro Bullet Chess League, a league I am a Super Admin and former owner in. In Season 1, I played for Chess Family Team 2. I was very busy with managing the league, so I didn’t spend much time on the team itself, causing it to get eliminated quickly.

In Season 2, I am Captain of Checkmatin’ Masters Z, which is very strong! I hope we win xD.


The final league I would like to talk about is the Dark Queen League, a now defunct league that I am Owner of. It was started by @scaryninja. In the first season, I played for The Burning Dragons. We ended up receiving 3rd Place! 

Well, that’s it for my league history! Hope you enjoyed it!

My record vs. Masters(note: not all of

I do the wins-draws-losses order

Bullet 9-22 2-15 4.5-3.5 - 0-1
Blitz 1-5 1.5-4.5 2-5 0-1 0-1
Rapid 0-1 0-2 - - 1-5 yay
Variants/Daily 1-4 1-1-4 0-5 0-2 0-1


Friend me and feel free to message me about leagues!

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