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Season 3 of Not-So Pro Blitz Chess League (first season), captain and manager of ROARing Lions 2.

Lineup is B1. @theunderdog001 

B2. @flyingbishop97 (sub was @anandfan1692 )

B3. @7ania7 (Sub was @bishop_to_e4 )

B4. @Fabstinkx

B5. @Immaturepig (sub was @gmarsenalaritro)

B6. Me. 

We got 3rd place


Not-So Pro Chess League Season 9

Playing for Dysfunctional Checkmators, the lineup is:

B1. @Schachmasteo 

B2. @Reddythechessplayer

B3. @attackchesskid

B4. @rcu_21

B5. Me.

Lost in round of 16 to Trolling Ferraris

Thanks guys for letting me be on the team


Not-So Pro Bullet Chess League Season 1, captain and manager of ROARing Lions 2

Board 1: @typewriter44

Board 2: @Bishop_to_e4

Board 3: @K-AgarwalMMII

Board 4: @7ania7

Board 5: Me

We got 4th 


Not-So Pro Blitz Chess League Season 4

Captain of ROARing Leprechauns 

B1: @gau248

B2: @bishop_to_e4

B3: @typewriter44

B4: @Aussie-Aussie-Aussie

B5: me

B6: @BacoNCheese_nugget

I played in Raburn for 2 seasons

(To be updated)

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