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Welcome to my profile, where I play low-quality blitz games on a trackpad that's more outdated than your fashion sense!


Current whereabouts: raging after getting a 47 in 5 minute puzzle rush only for it to not save because of terrible school wifi.


Fun Facts About Myself (Chess and Non-Chess Related)

#1: I've been voted "Least Likely to Give A Flip" in my graduating middle school class, arguably my greatest achievement.

#2: My favorite hobby is trying out new opening repertoires and ideas, hence why you may get an abomination of a distribution if you ever want to prepare against me. I still prefer e4 though.

#3: According to my friend's program, which analyzes a person's messages and DMs across a time frame, the word I use most often besides common filler words such as "and/or" is "imagine."


Shoutouts: @jij2018 <3, & other highschoolers struggling with finals.

Discord: Bobred#6969, for business inquiries or fun convos.

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