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Hi I'm Jacob a kid who enjoys chess. I'm trying to improve at this great game while having fun!

2200 rapid and 2000 blitz by the end of 2022?

I’m trying to get my USCF rating un-provisional

1.e4 best by test

Here are some of my best games happy.png (If you are one of the people in these games and want me to take the game off just let me know and I will)

This was a 15+10 game I played on lichess against a friend. My middlegame play was a bit sloppy, but I found what I think is a rather nice Queen sacrifice!

This was a daily game I played here, I got to an endgame and I was able to slowly suffocated my opponents pieces!

This game was a 60+0 game here against a different friend. I was pretty happy with my play and at the end I found a Queen sacrifice that forced mate! 

This game was a 45+30 game I played in an online tournament. I found a nice Rook sacrifice to remove all the defenders of the white King!

And here are my annotations of my favorite GM game ever! Nigel Short found an amazing idea that even the engines take a while to see

Also if you'd like to play a game send me a PM first. I'm unlikely to accept random challenges if I don't know the person, and if you're a beginner I'm more than happy to go over the game with you afterwards happy.png

Also one thing I should say is that I'm not actually from Burundi, I just enjoy using different flags tongue.png

Thanks for taking the time to read this

Best Regards,


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