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"Those who vote decide nothing.  Those who count the votes decide everything," - Joseph Stalin

"In Wisconsin there are more counted votes for both candidates in total than the total amount of voters registered to vote"

"Listen. Not just Wisconsin. Not just Michigan. Not just Pennsylvania, or North Carolina, or Georgia. Arizona and Nevada? How about all three west coast states? The moment their polls closed, results came out and they were given to Biden. Vote tampering has been going on probably in this country for longer than any of us have been alive. We should long ago have treasured our sacred right to vote. Others apparently have thought otherwise. So what must be done? Obviously there is crime that has been committed. Political crime always requires money. Who's paying for this? Trump told us who their backers were. He also told us who his backers were, We the People. So now it's time for justice for the backers. Trump has probably anticipated any number of Samson events that these monstrous individuals, there's no other possible frame of reference for them, have intended to bring about, FFs, market crashes, etc. If Law and Order matter, then consequences must certainly follow. Let's see what happens. Be seeing you"

This -> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pTQ5gykpYDM

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