Hi... I am സജയ്‌ യശോധരന്‍... Unique that's me!!! there is nothing much to tell about me. I rather exist. I love challenges, love friends, love music, fun, games. Do realise life is not only that.. Not much philosophical but almost inclined to believe in fate and i wish to trust God at the same time do ask questions on its existence. I like healthy debate. Believe its sharing that makes this world a better place. Currently I am concentrating on Two Groups... One Team Kerala, my home state's own team then Royal Chess.... which is boundary less world. and Chesscrew being my first group can't just ignore it Regarding chess i have almost same story most people have to tell in used to play chess when i was a kid and lost more than won. I was never a master of this game. but always tried another one. Then as days gone by and friends moved around kept silient for sometime... at last on a surprise moment thought i should search facebook for chess. and came to know about an app there... then slowlly moved to - a wonderful site, which i love more than facebook now a days... Chess has given me wonderful friends wonderful moments to cherish..and as Uncle Kracker puts in "I don't know why i came here... but i know i'll never leave.... its the only place i want to be... yeah yeah yeah"

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