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Hi everyone!! Simi09 here . Please click on more👇.(If you wanna read..)




Thanks for clicking on more‼️

Please do not send me unnecessary messages/content as I will not reply to them.I get tons of messages so I will appreciate if you won't send unnecessary content 😄.

I quit almost each and every club I was in. Only there in a few important clubs...😐

About myself 🕵️‍♀️:-

Hobbies - (other than playing chess) READING AND WRITING

💞🐾🐈 Favourite Animal-(you should have already guessed it by now😉)- CATS 🐈🐾💞

Favourite colours- YELLOW AND BLUE

 My chess personality - PRODIGY

Last but not the least thanks for being friends with me.

If you are not one of my friends then please send me a friend request(I accept most of them.)

Also thanks for viewing me.😊🎆✨🎇A Big thanks for 1,784 views(Almost near 2k 🙀😱) and  309 followers and 293 friends . Thank you for your support 💙💛.

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