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Paulette (Super Admin) @applegirl435 - first one to recruit me as an admin, Big Boys Club

Martina (Super Admin) @dadoom - first one to recruit me as admin to her new club, MIA, Hou Yifan, and she gave me free membership 

 Jorge @0Xword is an admin for certain groups - he gave me free membership, the first one to do so

@E4orce my bro, @gracyheltzel11, @CCChapla, @DelilahPedroza, @Jean-Dxii, @Arshisweet44 all cool people, @Sky_Ace who has made me play blitz until I won thank you


Thanks to Renata, @Miss_Tical for giving me something to do. I'm a Mad Scientist in chess.. http://www.chesspersonality.com/type/mad-scientist


The National I wish wink.png

This is Jose Capablanca the YouTube thing here please watch


For you @Nightly-knight thanks for helping me achieve this 

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