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"Happiness isn't something that depends on our surroundings. It's something we make inside ourselves." - The Hiding Place, Corrie ten Boom

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Hi! My name is Will. I'm 15 and live in Pennsylvania.

I haven't lived here all my life, though.

I started in the US. Went to England. And back. And England. And back.

In my 15 years, I've played as a goalkeeper for three notable football (soccer) academies: Leicester City, a top-flight English club; Stoke City, another respectable English football club; and Lehigh Valley United, my current team and two-time U-19 national champion.

Anyway, hopefully it's pretty clear that I love football (soccer). If you're interested in football (soccer) too, please join International Football Discussion, the best football discussion club on chess.com. 

I'm also a volleyball player (though not a great one, probably about as bad as possible while still being very athletic and 6' 3), and though I don't love volleyball like I love football (soccer), I've never had as much fun on any sports team as I did this spring playing on my school's volleyball team. We really were like brothers and I made some very close friendships. There was just something about playing a sport a few hours a day with people I didn't really know too well before the season that made the bonds between teammates so strong.

And then there's American football, a sport which I once vowed I'd never play. I'm a kicker for my school's varsity American football team- not too much more to say there.

And despite my lack of absolute devotion to chess, I do really enjoy the game, and also enjoy managing chess clubs on this site. My most notable clubs include:

The Golden 64 Squares, Super Admin

Road to GM, Super Admin (former)

Kings of 64, Super Admin (former)

Big Boys Club, Admin (former)

And for all the clubs I've managed, take a look at my Chess.com Club Management Resume.

Besides chess and sports, I absolutely love music- I'd listen to almost any genre.

I listen to...

Rap (with my friends and every now and then just chilling)

Modern American Pop (when chilling and playing video games and stuff)

Lofi (while studying and doing homework)

Older FIFA 13 and 16 Soundtracks (whenever I'm feeling nostalgic, which is often)

Anyway, that's a little about me. If you want to know more about me, send me a friend request or a chat and I'll always be up for a conversation (seriously- I love talking to people online, as so many people have interesting stories).

Anyway, thanks for reading my bio! And if you read to here, leave me a note saying you read the whole bio, or send me a chat!

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