Original creator (Since Retired because of school reasons) and admin of the CYCT Discord server.  

I'm a Christian and am currently Home-schooled (Not just during Covid).  I am a proud member of CAP and a Cadet Senior Airman.  (Civil air patrol and part of the 1st place team in the silver league in 2019-20 and 2nd place in gold in the state of Minnesota for Cyber-patriot competition. 2020-21)

Roblox/Gaming Username: EnderKnight_Gaming

My brother is @CodenameJACOB49 Same username for Roblox/other games. 

Birthday October 12 2005.

I love animals (mainly the Red Fox, Red Panda, and Grey Wolf.)

I like biking, swimming, tree and rock climbing, parkour, and just being outside.

I love playing D&D with my friends and family.  

I also love the D&D group Critical role and Singers; Icon For Hire, 21 Pilots, NF, Imagine Dragons, Tryhard Ninja, and Nerdout.  

I enjoy the youtubers, Prestonplayz, Markiplier, MR beast, Dream, BadboyHalo, Wilbursoot, and (not a gamer)

Ben shiphiro.

To those who think they know me best: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeMd2oZbmuPIREPI0_Fqn2MFtFQC3M4YPv0vxIZZoJA4pZl5w/viewform

Favorite movies or series: Stranger Things (Not just because my name is very similar to Will byers and I play D&D.)  Monty Python and the quest for the holy grail.  Avatar the last Airbender (Episode series), and Star wars, The Clone Wars, (All seasons.)