Najdite šahovskega trenerja, ki vam lahko pomaga izboljšati vašo šahovsko igro. Top šahovski igralci, ki so navedeni tukaj, so na voljo za šahovske lekcije in treniranje. Kontaktirajte šahovskega trenerja danes.

Vladislav Bakhmatsky
FIDE Rating 2442
Харьков, Ukrajina

Hi everyone! My name is Vladislav Bakhmatsky, I am International Master from Ukraine. My current ELO rating is 2442. I have 1 GM norm.Best achievements: Ukainian chess champion U-18(2016), U-20(2017) 1st place in Ukrainian rapid team championship 2016 3rd...

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Mick White
FIDE Rating 2247
Los Angeles, Združene države Amerike

Hi, FIDE Master Michael White from the United Kingdom here! Coaching has mainly focused on teaching promising juniors in individual and group settings. I'm keen to expand my student base, via the Internet, to adults who are looking to improve their game....

Artem Iljin
FIDE Rating 2528
Kazan, Rusija

 Hi! My name is Artem Iljin. I am GM from Russia, ELO 2528. My best results in chess career: European Championship (Dresden-2007) - 1-6 places. The Winner of Russian Cup-2004, Winner the Championship of Russia under 12, 16, 20. European Championship under...

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Viktor Neustroev
FIDE Rating 2259
Novosibirsk, Rusija

Join my Educational Group on!Experienced chess coach specializing in tactics and openings. An author of educational chess courses on Udemy. The coach of the champion of Siberia among girls under 9! Affordable rates! A test lesson is also possible! I'm...

Mikhail Lushenkov
FIDE Rating 2434
Russia, Rusija

Hi all! I'm a chess player, streamer, videoblogger. Follow me! По вопросам обучения обращайтесь  Ютуб канал с записями стримов -  Группа...

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Elijah Logozar
FIDE Rating 2058
Združene države Amerike

About Me: Current USCF peak: 2173 (CM). Link to my USCF profile can be found here. Current FIDE rating: 2058 (provisional). Link to my FIDE profile can be found here. I am 18 years old and am a native English speaker. My website can be found at

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Pavel Sevostianov
FIDE Rating 2401
Kyiv, Ukrajina ;tel.:+38(068)4800202. IM,NM Ukraine. Тренер-викладач з шахів.Освіта вища: 1987-1989 кафедра шахмат ГЦОЛИФК(Москва); 1989-1991шахова спеціалізація тренерського факультету ЛГІФК(м.Львів). Засновник...

Joshua Colas
USCF Rating 2421
New York, Združene države Amerike

Hello! My name is Joshua Colas, and I am a Fide Master currently living in St. Louis, Missouri. I am an experienced tournament player (13 yrs.) and teacher. Winner of multiple National, State, City Championships, and more. I currently have 3 IM-Norms...

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Emil Mirzoev

Hi! I am GM Emil Mirzoev from Ukraine.  As a coach, he helped many people to fulfill international titles and become winners of many international tournaments. I help to understand the openings, their main ideas, typical plans and motives in the middlegame....

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Dario Alivodic
FIDE Rating 2092
Črna gora

Multiple times champion of Montenegro, 16 years old For online lessons contact me via email or send me a message on 20$ per 1 hour. Available for training games. Fluent in english and italian. Looking forward to your...

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Daniel Rensch - Chief Chess Officer
FIDE Rating 2416
@danielrensch Twitter/Facebook/YouTube, Združene države Amerike

Chief Chess Officer, LLC. International Master Danny Rensch is best known for his videos and shows - but also writes educational articles, publishes breaking chess news, and organizes the details for's biggest events,...

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Eugene Perelshteyn
USCF Rating 2600
Združene države Amerike

Hi Everyone! My name is Eugene and I'm a Grandmaster from Boston, MA.  My USCF rating is about 2600 and my FIDE rating is about 2500. I offer private lessons, please send me a message for inquires. Follow me on Twitch: Want...

AKA aww-rats
FIDE Rating 2220
Las Vegas, NV, Združene države Amerike

Full time Professional Chess Coach   Top selling coach on for last 5.5 years. They stopped recording this in March 2013 when I outsold all coaches on this site first 10 months of activity to move up to number 4 overall. I now teach chess 70...

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James Canty
USCF Rating 2310
Detroit, MI, Združene države Amerike

26 years old, James Canty III from Detroit MI. National Master, Professional Chess Player and Coach. Proud husband and dad! Chess is my life! I have been coaching chess since I was 15 years old. I love to see growth in any player, our game of chess requires...

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Wouter Bik

I'm going to stand outside. If anyone asks, I'm outstanding. I offer coaching for 25€ per hour, send me a message if you’re interested Twitch:

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FIDE Rating 2000
Madrid, Španija

Somos Madrid Chess Academy. Academia online de ajedrez Damos clases online en ingles y español. We are Madrid Chess Acaxemy. Online academy of chess. We give lessons online in english and spanish.

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cholleti sahajasri
FIDE Rating 2220

Hello Everyone!I am WFM Cholleti Sahajasri 23year old rated 2220 from India with 3WIM norms and 1WGM norm.I started playing chess at the age of 8. I like to help people to improve on chess.My main focus in teaching is* I can suggest you on openings.*...

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Tien Nguyen
USCF Rating 2134
Ho Chi Minh City, Združene države Amerike

I'm Tien, 20 years old, WIM from Vietnam, highest Fide rating 2044, highest USCF rating 2208 (2149 in present) I am more than happy to be your chess friend and mentor! I am pursuing an undergraduate degree...

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Maria Emelianova
Moscow, Združeno kraljestvo

Hi everyone! I am so incredibly happy to be a part of the chess world! Chess has been my passion since I was introduced by my grandpa when I just turned 5. At 7 I joined the local club in Ural city Ekaterinburg, played for school and the city teams,...

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Ronald Brizuela
FIDE Rating 2375
Maracay, Venezuela

Website: Languages: Spanish, English, Portuguese.Hi all!My name is Ronald Brizuela, I'm Maestro Fide I'm 24 years old. I practice this discipline since I was twelve, I am dedicated exclusively to the world of chess and I am currently...

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Chouchanik Airapetian
FIDE Rating 2000
Mercer Island, Združene države Amerike

If you would like to improve your deep understanding in chess, then I’m a coach to guide you accomplish this. I speak English, Russian and Armenian.  WFM, I have been coaching chess since 2002, ages from 5 to 18 years old. You can contact me via email:...

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Swati Mohota
FIDE Rating 2027
Kolkata, Indija

I am a WFM from India, playing Chess since last 31 years at State, National and International level and with an experience of 15 years in teaching Chess to school students from beginners to intermediate level. I also give private online lessons to kids...

Praveen Sagar
Bangalore, Indija

Praveen Sagar is a Business Partner and Senior chess coach that speciallizes in teaching kids & adults at ( located in Bangalore, India. He has trained over 500+ students over a period of 5 years. Sessions through Skype are available...

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Hello. My name is Kamil, I've been dealing with chess for about 30 years. I have experience as a player, coach and referee. If you want to raise your game level or learn to play chess from scratch I will gladly lead your trainings. Witam. Mam na imię...

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Dr. Jeremy Mandelkern
USCF Rating 2187
Taipei, Tajvan

Hello & Welcome to my Profile!  My name is Dr. Jeremy Mandelkern.  I hold the USCF CM Title & hope to earn the USCF NM Title during my next trip back to the USA.  You can check out my website for more of my  credentials: I...