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Chess grand master, born in Teslic (Bosnia and Herzegovina) and currently living in Sarajevo. I started to play chess in 1996. Well known on Playchess as Kiborg and ICC Kiborg1987 :-) Here is more about my chess career: European Champion U12 (1999) and U14 (2001); World Champion U16 (2003); Vice champion with CC "Bosna" Sarajevo on European Club Cup (2004); The youngest grandmaster in history of Bosnia and Herzegovina in 2004 (17 years old); Member of World TOP 100 in period 2007-2009 (best place 68th); Peak elo 2654 (2009); Friendly Rapid Match Magnus Carlsen - Borki Predojevic, Lillehammer 2013 - result 2,5-1,5 for Magnus Carlsen; Member of Editorial Board of webpage in period 2011-2019; Official commentator of European Club Cup in Skopje 2015; Winner of many international chess tournaments like: „Open Metalis“, Bizovac, Croatia– 2006., „Open Zagreb“, Zagreb, Croatia - 2007., „Hit Open“, Nova Gorica, Slovenia – 2008., „Acropolis Open“, Halkida, Greece – 2009., etc. I am giving chess lessons from 2014. If you are interested contact me on my e-mail:


I started to coach in beginning of 2014. Since than I have been coaching many young players, among them GM Johan Sebastian Christiansen (Norway) and former Junior Champion of USA GM Akshat Chandra (USA).

Usually, my students are young players who are ambitious and have goals to reach. In case you are interested in taking classes feel free to contact me on my previously mentioned e-mail.

From 2017 I am coach of Austrian National Team. On 43rd Chess Olympiad in Batumi we shared 6th place, finally finishing on 14th place and achieving the best result on Chess Olympiads in history of Austria.