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    I still dislike that it allows you to make illegal moves.

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    where? I have never seen it allow an illegal move.  

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    e5 is illegal and if you try doing so you wil fail

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    Did you miss the black pawn sitting on e7?  I dont know why you would move it to e5 rather than e6, but e5 is still a possible move, although illegal.

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    e5 was actually the very first move I considered, before realizing I was in check.  The idea in my mind was to block off white's queen from his king, to allow the black queen to move in for a mate.  Obviously it doesn't quite work that way. =/

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    good moment

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    I think but, Im not sure that e5 leads to mate and white wins because the king and queen have acess to the corner

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    This puzzle is wrong!  On black's second move Qf2 check. White Kh5. Black Pe3. White whatever move it wants. Black Bg6 checkmate!  If I am right I want my tactic points back!  lol

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    If black moved pe3 white can take the bishop
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    At first I didn't realise I was in check. I liked 1... Kg7 because of the mating threat 2... Qh6+. But it wasn't conclusive so before making the move I thought I'd have another look around to see what else might be on. Then I realised I was in check. So 1...Kg7 looked even better! The only remaining question was whether mate was still on with the 2nd move. It wasn't so I took the rook. At which point I realised that my c pawn was one square away from queening. Result +10, but I feel slightly fortunate as I never really grasped all that was going on till the end.

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    Good problem.  I moved the king correctly, but didn't take the rook.

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    People are complaining that they don't know they're in check??? How much of the board do you actually look at if you miss being in check?

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    YawMawn - Too busy to look at the board. I tend to watch the clock ticking down instead ;-)

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    "Check?"  "You talking about check?"  A.I. shoutout.

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    20 secs for the first move. Then a whole minute before taking that rook.

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    kind of awkward since the puzzle before this one I was white. Had to reset everything in my mind to realise it and lost a lot of time. 

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    Looked for a real long time before taking the rook.  Seemed too easy

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    I went for another check on the king, too, instead of snagging the rook.

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