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    why not move Queen to h5 put him in check he will move pawn to g6 then move queen to h7 and check agian then queen to b7 thaking bishop

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    i wanted to do it your way too. but i think this solution is the faster solution and thats why he does this..

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    This way you check the black King, and at the same time gain a black Bisshop on b7.

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    @TGreaper, because if you do it that way, then black could move the king to G8 protecting G7 and G8 and saving his bishop.

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    I dont see how I get the bishop?  To me, all black has to do is slide their queen up one to protect their bishop.  then if I take the bishop with my queen, they take my queen.  Am I missing something here?

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    I agree Adam-Reynolds. Seems like a bad move to me?

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