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    And the point being?

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    Win the material back and avoid being checkmated!

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    really nice

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    You trade your queen for white's queen and get a bonus bishop.  That's the point.Wink

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    material gain and it's also the best defence against Bf6

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    Probably my favorite element of Tactics Trainer: Solve the problem, and still lose 10 points b/c it took you 60 seconds instead of 30!  AWESOME.

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    My favorite element is how the points are relatively meaningless, I can shed 100+ points because I'm doing these while distracted or exhausted or burning out then get them all back plus extra in just a couple minutes when I get my focus back.

    More practice, the faster you'll get and the greater the accuracy. How much practice depends on where you are with your chess game and how quickly you're able to learn new things. Lose points? Well, that means you'll be on the problem range that you're not very quick on for a bit longer.

    If time is more of a deeply rooted thought process issue, then you can always turn the ratings off and do them for practice alone.

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    As constructive and helpful as that veiled condesension was, I understand the timed element and the logic behind it perfectly.  It sucks.

    You may understand this a little better when you've mastered the 12- or 1300 levels and your rating doesn't fluctuate so much.  If points are so truly 'meaningless' to you, I would think you'd have followed your own advice and turned the ratings off yourself.

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    Yeah, the program should give us lots of points every time to keep the folks happy! A world populated with 3200 ELO players! The paradise!Laughing

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    Well, I was just joking because being only in the shit 1200 levels what would I know.Embarassed

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    Spent a minute thinking too easy.

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    You didn't really win a bishop. You traded a knight for a bishop and exchanged queens. Kinda weird. 

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    Cool   Hmmm !

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    A little surprise in the analysis.

    These puzzles are supposed to give us a significant advantage (about two points of material or more). When it's our turn to move, both his f6-bishop and his d3-bishop can be easily taken. When two lines appear similar in advantage, there must be something going on.

    Both gxf6 and Qxd3 wins a Bishop. there does not seem to be enough difference to give a single clear solution to this puzzle.

    So I checked the analysis and found that with the best line the white f6-bishop mysteriously moved to g5 and got stuck and lost.

    I didn't understand why it didn't just move back to safety at b2. So I tried vs computer at skill level 2000. And surprise surprise, the computer moved the bishop back to safety at b2.

    So I'm at loss here, is the analysis wrong or isn't b2 as safe for white's bishop as I think?

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    Attempted ... 06/03/2015

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    Passed 1st attempt: 10/23/2015

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    Solved in 0:22 (+6 points) It's the only thing you could do.....

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