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    A bishop for a bishop, whoopie!

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    The point is not, of course, that you swap a pair of bishops. The point is that you've prevented White's threat of Rd8# without having to give up any material.

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    My apologies, sarcasm does not become me.

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    I did NOT see that at all.

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    I had a better move for number two.. bring the knight down into position to grab the rook in case he moves the rook down to checkmate the queen

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    You mean ...Nc6? But that leaves the bishop undefended. White would be able to reply Rxb7.

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    At the beginning of the problem white threatens to mate black.  The black rook isn't positioned such that it can prevent mate directly.  Black can stop the mate with the knight but that unprotects his bishop, which white then takes without compensation to black.   Black is ahead on material but has a poor position with uncoordinated pieces, and finds himself on the defensive. 

    The problem solution is very clever.  First, it wins material (a bishop and pawn at the cost of a bishop).  Second, it blunts the white attack by removing an effectively placed white bishop.  Third, it greatly improves the black position.   Forth and last, it leaves black with a passed pawn on f5 that white now has to defend against.

    Played properly, the final position leaves white in serious trouble and black with an eventual win.   Overall, I'd say that this tactic was highly effective and game winning, even if it isn't obvious at first glance.

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    i saw it:)

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    Great tactic.  More defensive tactics would be helpful.

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    I missed it!

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    Anxious, Chess Mentor has those.  They're effective and I'd recommend repeating them until you know them cold.

    I saw the solution but disregarded it because there wasn't a material gain.  I missed that White threatened Mate in 1.  Good problem.

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    I think that the point of tagging these is that soon you will be able to look at these by theme and get exactly the type of training option you mentioned. 

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    Why not material gain?

    In the beggining you check capturing a pawn, and after sacrifice the bishop to get the bishop that support the mate. It IS a material gain.

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    Turning the tables. Great problem.

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    Yeah, I saw the bishop trade...but I didn't think that was a big deal. I missed the mate threat. Frown

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    That was a great tatic - I never even saw that.

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