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    I was playing for the draw.

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    Yes!! Did it!

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    Very nice position. Of course black king is stuck in the corner, but I cannot see any mate. I played correctly until move 4th - just played 4.Nf3 instead of 4.Kf7!! followed by Kg8, Nf7 checkmate. Amazing!

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    Why does black play Kh6 after Ng5+, when calculating I expected black to go Kg8 -- after which I could no longer see a forced win.

    So I went for the draw.. :( 

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    Answering myself: because Kg8 is also a win for white. After Kxg6 white puts the knight on f3, and then eats up all the black pawns.

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    very nice tactic

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    gosh that was somewhat easy! I saw Kf7-g8 idea on the very beginning but it didn't work. So I forgot it and found best practical solution. With N on g5 it all suddenly worked so I returned to the idea :)

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    Nd4 e3,
    Nf7+ Kh7,
    Ng5+ Kh6
    Nf3 i think that move white still win

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    @Tapani and komputer4-susah -  Kh6 give white more trouble. If Kg8 white can take all of black's pawns starting with g6 simply by playing Kxg6, Nf3, Kxh5, etc.  Kg8 survives longer but leads to an easy-to-find win for white.

    If after Kh6, white plays Nf3, black plays e2 to which white may only respond with Ne1, Ke5, or Kf7.

    If Kf7 or Ke5, play continues ...e1Q, Nxe1 g5! where white's last pawn is eliminated.

    If Ne1, play continues Kh7, Ke5 (the only way to try for a win) g5!, hxg5 Kg6, and black will be able to use his two passed pawns as decoys to pull defenders away from white's last pawn. 

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    I missed the forced mate, playing the simple Nf3 that grabs all pawns...

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    I also went for 5. Nf3? (instead of the correct 5. Kf7) but as explained by TheNoose this doesn't seem to win. A sample line could be 5... e2 6. Ne1 Kh7 7. Kg5 Kg7 8. Kxf4 Kf6 9. Nf3 g5+!? (other moves draw as well) 10. hxg5+ Kg6 =.

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    PUNTI: 80.4%


    I miei Punti: 2324 (+6)
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    2315 (+8) 100%
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