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    Is a queen always/usually/usually not more valuable than a rook + minor piece? What is the general consensus among chess players?

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    In this case it is a Queen for a Rook since next move you can check with the queen and recapture the knight.  Generally it is better to take a queen for a rook and a minor piece though.

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    Animecrazy628, I don't think you can check with the queen and recapture the knight.  Unless you want to lose your queen to the bishop on a7.

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    I would welcome a R + B/N sac for a queen, but like every decision in chess it depends on the situation at the time.

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    An exchange of minor pieces follows.

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    also traps the king in the open center, where he is far too vulnerable

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    @Coondog - You do get points for being wrong...sometimes. If a tactic involves multiple moves and you get the first few moves right before making an error, you will be awarded points (depending on what percentage of the moves you got right and how quickly you got them).

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    Hello Coondog.  I understand your point, but have a different perception of tactics trainer which helps me appreciate losing points when I'm not quick enough.  Remember, the point of this tactic trainer is to help "train" your eye, or way of thinking, so that you can see tactics quickly or automatically in a match.  Also, quickness in recognition of patterns is very important for those who play blitz, or other forms of timed games.  It would seem to me that the the timeliness of your response is a pretty reasonable measurement for your ability to recognize tactical patterns that is helpful to your overall development in chess.  Just my opinion.  Hope it helps. 

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    It is generally winning to exchange a rook and a minor piece for a queen, 9 points is greater than 8 and I do think the scoring system accurately reflects the value of pieces.  There are positional exceptions of course...obviously it would not be a good exchange if it allowed the opponent to follow with a move that won them more material or led to a forced mate.  This one works because white does not lose position in the exchange, and the only piece to recapture is the black king, forfeiting its right to castle, which gives white an additional advantage.

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    A couple of people from a while ago thought (like me) that white can go on to capture the black knight. He can't of course as there's an invisible bishop on a7.

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    I think this exchange leaves black with a great placed knight and good luck beating the 2 rooks and 2 bushops ready to kick your butt.  I no matter what white got him in a heap of trouble!!  I think a lot of these tactic trainer leave your team a loser... and I hate that!!

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    Sometimes I feel so dumb. lol

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    Attempted ... 09/26/2014

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    Cool   Must look harder for these lurking Bishops !

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    Attempted again ... 03/21/2015

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    Look for the open lanes and most forcing moves.

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    SCORE: 100%


    My Score: 1222 (+7)
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    MrCopperhead: Oh, you didn’t know? We’ll your butt better call somebodyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!

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