Advanced Piece Values

Advanced Piece Values

Do you really know how much each piece is worth?

GM Larry Kaufman demonstrates some common misconceptions and shows how valuable each piece really is.

  • Are knights and bishops really worth three pawns?
  • How valuable is the bishop pair?
  • When can two rooks handle a queen?
  • Learn how to look at piece values in a whole new way!

What The Pieces Are Really Worth: Advanced Piece Values

Larry Kaufman is a Grandmaster and a programmer of one of the top chess engines. His research has made him the world's leading expert on the relative values of pieces. Check out the start of this groundbreaking course!
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Rook And Pawn vs Two Minors: Advanced Piece Values

Fifty years ago you could reach the US Championship without really understanding piece values. GM Larry Kaufman demonstrates a painful loss and an important lesson learned.
16 хв
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Minors vs Pawns: Advanced Piece Values

Are knights and bishops really worth three pawns? GM Larry Kaufman is here to help you update the way you value your pieces.
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Exchange Sacrifices: Advanced Piece Values

When does an exchange sacrifice make sense? GM Larry Kaufman demonstrates how much compensation you need to make these common sacrifices work.
12 хв
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Queen vs Pieces: Advanced Piece Values

Just how strong is a queen? GM Larry Kaufman knows that a queen is often more valuable than the nine points that most books grant her majesty.
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Advanced Piece Values

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