Breaking Down Closed Positions

Breaking Down Closed Positions

Do you ever find yourself confused in closed positions?

GM Jon Ludvig Hammer knows just what to do. Check out how he doesn't let the closed nature of positions stop him from winning games.

  • See how Vishy Anand ground out a beautiful win against Hammer.
  • Check out how Hammer finds the right moments to break open closed positions.
  • Learn when you can sacrifice to open the game and attack.

These videos are well made and the explanations are amazing! Keep up the great work! - Chess.com Member AndyofAnderson

Breaking Down A Locked Kingside

Jon Ludvig Hammer doesn't let closed positions slow down his attacking ideas. In this game against Sebastian Mihajlov, a locked kingside structure wasn't an obstacle as Hammer targeted the opponent's weaknesses and won the game.
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Breaking Down A Position With Patience

Against Ruslan Kashtanov Jon Ludvig gained a space advantage but had to take his time and bring every piece to its best square before breaking open the position and winning material.
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Breaking Down A Position With Brute Force

Against GM Nicolai Getz, Jon Ludvig couldn't convert his space advantage by normal means and had to resort to sacrifices. Fortunately, some well-placed pawns can be stronger than a piece!
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Vishy Anand Breaks Black's Defenses

Jon Ludvig has competed with many of the world's best. In this game with Vishy Anand, he nearly secured a draw, but Anand brilliantly forced a zugzwang and won an instructive ending.
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Breaking Down Closed Positions

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Опубліковано November 24, 2020