Crush with the King's Gambit

Crush with the King's Gambit

Attack with Paul Morphy and Boris Spassky's favorite gambit!

Do you want to attack like the great chess heroes of the past! Learn an opening that was a favorite of Paul Morphy and Boris Spassky, the romantic King’s Gambit! Simon Williams, the Ginger GM, gives an in-depth look at how to attack against everything Black can throw at you!

Here is what you will learn:

  • Learn how to take the initiative right from move two!
  • Learn key tactical ideas to sacrifice and score brilliant wins!
  • Learn positional plans to get a good game, even when Black defends well.

"Great video by GM Williams! I am an amateur and love the King's Gambit and almost always play it as White. My eyes are now open wide after watching your videos. Truly insightful stuff!. Thanks a bunch!" - Chess.com member arvind99

"Great video Simon. You’re going to make me a Kng’s gambit convert." - Chess.com member Darthmambo

"Simon - this series is just superb. You have the knack of understanding what the average player needs to know, you're very easy to listen to, you love the game and play for the best reasons, and you don't seem to take yourself too seriously - this is a very good combination in an educator. Big ups. Keep them coming, please." - Chess.com member mike_kelso

How to Crush Your Opponent With the King's Gambit - Part 1

Are your King’s Pawn Games lacking in excitement? GM Simon Williams has an explosive solution for you -- the King’s Gambit! This romantic opening is out of fashion in top-level play, but that doesn’t mean it can’t rack up the points elsewhere. GM Williams shows you the powerful secrets of this dynamic opening, and how to crush your unsuspecting opponents who will be expecting anything but this true gambit.
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Crush Your Opponent's With the King's Gambit - Part 2

Are you ready for another fiery King’s Gambit game? GM Simon Williams deeply analyzes a brilliant attacking game in this romantic opening, showing us how to cash in your lead in development for a devastating attack.
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How to Crush Your Opponent in the King's Gambit - Part 3

GM Simon Williams continues his exciting series on the King’s Gambit with an instructive game that shows the energy and personality of this romantic opening. Find out how White gains an attacking advantage even after his opponent plays Fischer’s recommended refutation of the King’s Gambit. GM Williams tells you exactly when you should and should not sacrifice your knight on f3 in this powerful attacking setup.
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How To Crush Your Opponent With The King's Gambit - Part 4

Can a caveman play chess? GM Simon Williams shows you the caveman way to attack in the King’s Gambit. You won’t believe some of the crazy winning sacrifices White has in this opening if Black makes a single slip-up. Learn how to exploit inaccuracies and quickly overwhelm your opponent in this romantic opening.
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How to Crush Your Opponent in the King's Gambit - Part 5

How can you absolutely prevent your opponent from playing the King’s Gambit? There’s one hilarious and surefire way, as GM Simon Williams recalls from one of his own games. All jokes aside, GM Williams concludes one of the most interesting and useful video series in recent memory with his final analysis of how to crush your opponent in the King’s Gambit.
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Crush with the King's Gambit

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Опубліковано May 8, 2019