Hou Yifan: My Career So Far

Hou Yifan: My Career So Far

How do you become a world champion?

GM Hou Yifan teaches you about her career and shows highlights along the way!

  • What was it like to compete in olympiads as a child?
  • How did she gain the GM title?
  • How did she become a world champion at 16 years old?

The World Youth Championship: Hou Yifan

GM Hou Yifan gives an inside look at one of her early successes, the 2004 World Youth Championship.
13 хв
5 виклики

First Steps: Hou Yifan

In 2005, Hou Yifan kept getting stronger. Check out some of the best games from her youth.
17 хв
5 виклики

How I Became A Grandmaster: Hou Yifan

How do you become a Grandmaster at just 14 years old? Hou Yifan shares her story.
16 хв
5 виклики

2008 World Championship Finalist: Hou Yifan

What's it like to compete for the world title before you're even an adult?
14 хв
5 виклики

World Champion At 16: Hou Yifan

What does it take to become world champion at just 16 years old? Hou Yifan tells us how she did it.
18 хв
5 виклики

Life As A World Champion: Hou Yifan

What's life like for a world champion? Hou Yifan shares her stories and an amazing game with Judit Polgar.
19 хв
5 виклики

The Olympiads: Hou Yifan

Hou Yifan shares stories of the Olympiad, one of the premier events in chess.
12 хв
5 виклики

Hou Yifan: My Career So Far

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