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Learn the Sicilian Sveshnikov

Learn the Sicilian Sveshnikov

Від NMJeremy Kane

The Sicilian Sveshnikov is a sharp variation in which Black accepts a backward pawn in return for active pieces and complicated play.

  • Learn the Sicilian Sveshnikov

    Learn the essentials of the Sicilian Sveshnikov with an educational video on move order, pawn structures and the key themes to know.

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  • Sicilian Sveshnikov Thematic Tactics

    The Sveshnikov is a complicated opening with numerous tactical opportunities for both sides. See if you can find winning tactics for Black and White.

    • 10 виклики
  • Sicilian Sveshnikov Model Game: Caruana - Carlsen

    The Sveshnikov was an essential opening in the 2018 World Championship Match between Fabiano Caruana and Magnus Carlsen. See if you can find the moves from a key game in the tie-break portion of the match.

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