Old School Cool

Old School Cool

Learn to attack like the old masters!

Do you want to know how Paul Morphy and other players of the past pulled off amazing attacks? They don't make chess players like they used to! Join GM Simon Williams as he demonstrates some of his favorite romantic attacking games from the 1800s. This course features brilliant and risky play, including games by Paul Morphy and Wilhelm Steinitz. Start attacking like the old school masters today!

Here is what you will learn:

  • How did Chigorin turn around a miserable position and win the game?
  • How did Steinitz rise to the top?
  • How to checkmate like Morphy!

"Thanks for this amazing video on the old chess style!" - Chess.com member coscienzaOlotropica

Old School Cool: Chigorin vs Caro

Take a trip back to the 1800s as GM Simon Williams starts a new series on the swashbuckling chess players of old. You'll appreciate the style of these games as you learn from the romantic old school.
15 хв
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Old School Cool: Steinitz vs Paulsen

If you're looking for wild, exciting games between the world's top players, open up the treasure trove of attacking gems from the "old school" and enjoy! GM Simon Williams shows you a crazy game from 1870 where the legendary Steinitz plays a gambit named after him. Get ready for a wild ride with the first official World Champion!
12 хв
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Old School Cool: Morphy's Murderous Knights

It doesn't get any more "old school cool" in chess than the great Paul Morphy, who is considered one of the best chess players ever. GM Simon Williams shows you this vintage game where Morphy's two knights haunt his opponent throughout the game. You're in for a real treat, especially the fun "Puzzle Rush" checkmate the American genius delivers to end the game!
17 хв
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Old School Cool: Zukertort vs Blackburne

If you like chess where caution is thrown to the wind in an all-out effort to checkmate the opponent, take a trip to London in 1883 when Johannes Zukertort unleashed a blistering attack against Blackburne.
16 хв
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Old School Cool: Mayet vs Hirschfeld

You may not have heard of the players in this game, but you'll recognize—and love—the swashbuckling attacking chess of this romantic game. GM Simon Williams concludes his series with a cute miniature checkmate.
13 хв
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