Prophylactic Thinking

Prophylactic Thinking

How can you win games with prophylactic thinking?

Artur Yusupov is back! The former World Number 3, famous coach, and pupil of Mark Dvoretsky, shares one of his secret weapons: prophylaxis in an insightful conversation with GM Jan Gustafsson.

Prophylactic Thinking

We start to learn about the concept of preventing our opponent's plans while improving our own position by looking at the game Yusupov-Gavrikov, Zurich 1994
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Prophylactic Thinking Part Two

Time to rack our brains! The examples used are: Simagin-Abramson, USSR 1960, Yusupov-Timman, Linares 1992 and Yusupov-Luther, Essen 2002
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The Psychology Of Prophylaxis

Artur explains the effect it can have on an opponent when his or her ideas are constantly prevented. The model game is Yusupov-Van der Wiel, Lucerne 1982.
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The Psychology Of Prophylaxis Part Two

More damage done by prophylaxis, with the examples: Petrosian-Bannik, Riga 1958 and Yusupov-Hickl, Nussloch 1996.
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Prophylaxis vs. Improving The Position

Artur shows why prophylaxis is superior to just improving your position without impeding your opponent's ideas.
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Prophylaxis And Technique

Even in an endgame, prophylactic thinking can be used to keep and increase an advantage. The stem game is Yusupov-Timoshenko, USSR 1982.
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Prophylaxis And Technique Part Two

Two more examples: Yusupov-Magem, Barcelona 2010 and Hort-Kuzmin, BRD 1981. We hope you learned something!
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Prophylactic Thinking

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