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Spicy Openings: The Evans Gambit

Spicy Openings: The Evans Gambit

Learn about the romantic and dangerous Evans Gambit from GM Simon Williams. He covers the ideas and theory, along with games from the masters of the past like Captain Evans and Adolph Anderssen, through modern starts like Garry Kasparov and Hikaru Nakamura.

  • The Famous Evergreen Game

    What better way to start teaching the Evans Gambit than the famous Evergreen Game of 1852? GM Simon Williams shows you this beautiful attack.

    • 16 хв
    • 5 виклики
  • Play Like An Attacking Mastermind

    Do you want to attack like a genius? Check out this incredible game!

    • 15 хв
    • 5 виклики
  • The Theory Behind The Beauty

    What happens when Captain Evans plays his own opening? Watch his opponent get lost at sea trying to survive against this Spicy Opening!

    • 20 хв
    • 5 виклики
  • Gambit Denier? Punish The Meek

    If the Evans Gambit is good enough for Garry Kasparov, is it good enough for you? GM Simon Williams shows you a beauty by one of the best ever.

    • 18 хв
    • 5 виклики
  • Nakamura Forces The Pawn Down Bobby's Throat

    The stakes are high in this U.S. Championship game. Grandmaster Hikaru Nakamura trusts the Evans Gambit to bring home the win against GM Robert Hess.

    • 17 хв
    • 5 виклики
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