What is there to say !!!...........          

The greatest lesson I have learned is to put my ego in a box and store it away.    

Trying to become more humble and tolerant is my daily challenge in life.  

Looking to let go of distractions and add humour where possible😇😇😇

My father was a chess Historian and so I grew up with chess books and chess stories of famous masters from years gone by......................and so I now marvel at current day players on off to you all !!.........the joy of chess seems timeless......    

I love musical theatre, (Especially phantom of the opera and Les Miserable ) all sports and literature, 

and my other passion in am a tennis motivational coach and strategist..    

and from different cultures offer a rich diversity of life experiences don't you think ..........,when you walk the streets of Vietnam ,Cambodia and India you quickly learn how humble you really need to be in life...

I network in the business world but always thought it would be an interesting concept to also network in the chess world....        





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