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I'm done. I can't take this anymore. These constant error messages are killing my brain cells, and it's all because of DANIEL RENSCH! Every time I close my eyes, I see his hideous visage turning to look at me, failing to comprehend or perform an exceedingly trivial task that a 2-year-old would be able to perform. I can't sleep at night with his worthless, dead eyes piercing into my soul like those stupid wires piercing into his pores, electrocuting him to death. Every wall, every table, every blank surface that might be open to his 'fixing' holds his utterly repulsive image, moving his head jerkily with mock confusion like an inebriated, handicapped owl. I want to rip out every strand of his lice-infested hair and shove all of it into his perpetually grimacing mouth. I want to rip off his fingernails and plant them into the hollow carcass that is his head. I want to slice open his stomach and observe with glee and fascination as the hydrochloric acid within spreads through his worthless body, dissolving his unused organs into slush, and numbing his nonexistent brain with the intense pain of the steel-dissolving liquid. If Daniel Rensch has one billion haters, I am one of them. If Daniel Rensch has a hundred haters, I am one of them. If Daniel Rensch has one hater, it is me. If Daniel Rensch has no haters, I am no longer on this Earth.  May Danny suffer in agony until the heat death of the universe. Because IF I SEE DANNY FIXING SOMETHING ONE MORE TIME...

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